Hermione Granger: Do Not Fuck with this Witch

It's Harry Potter's birthday! What better way to celebrate than to write a post about Hermione Granger: one of Harry's best friends and most of the brains behind the operation (seriously, her charms and runes knowledge were essential). Even though Hermione very quickly establishes herself as a high-strung, rule-worshipping, straight-A student, she does some pretty... Continue Reading →

Where are the other Prefects?

Ron and Hermione are made Prefects in their 5th year. On their way to Hogwarts, Hermione rattles off who else was made prefects in the other houses, so we know there’s eight 5th year Prefects. At the end of the start of school feast, Hermione reminds Ron that they have to show the first years... Continue Reading →

Veritaserum: Follow Up Thoughts

I recently wrote a post about the role of veritaserum in the wizarding judicial system (if there is one). These are some follow up thoughts. Okay, I just finished the part when Harry goes in for his disciplinary hearing in book 5. CLEARLY they were not interested in the truth or else they would have... Continue Reading →

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